February 2019

Quin and I had been talking about camping on Anclote Key for over a year and we finally made a date to do it. We decided to make this a group event for many reasons. One, we were not in the best place in our relationship so company was needed and two, we wanted to share this with our friends. It worked out great because Quin’s boys were out of school for a long weekend so they got to come too.

Like all good adventures, this one had a rocky start because Quin and the boys got stuck in the Walmart parking lot waiting for us to come so Johnny could help Quin fix something that broke. Once that was resolved we got to the boat ramp and loaded, I mean loaded, the pontoon boat. I felt like we were the Beverly Hillbillies on the water. We were going primitive camping very late at night and with the help of technology, Johnny found us the perfect spot. Quin set up a camp like you would not believe, out tent was the size of a mansion. I feel like Amanda, Johnny and the boys embraced the concept of primitive camping while Quin and I tried to turn the camp into an actual house. The pontoon boat was so weighed down with stuff that I am shocked it made it through the water!

We stayed at camp for two nights and had a wonderful trip. We spent a half a day in Tarpon Springs and we were also able to visit the lighthouse. We only stayed for a few moments because the mosquitoes were unbearable. We hung out by the fire and had to leave the following day. It was my first time camping at a place with no facilities and I am sure it would have been a lot different if Quin did not bring all the comforts of home! We did talk about it later and decided that maybe next time we will scale back the kitchen a bit and cook by the fire!