Quin and I decided it was time to pay a visit to another Florida Lighthouse so we got in the car and headed to Marathon Key where the Sombrero Key Lighthouse is located. Now, the lighthouse happens to be located in the middle of the water so getting to it actually took a little planning and research. We decided it would be best to see if a company would take us to the lighthouse rather than bring our personal boat.Our plan was to stay the night in Marathon and then take the boat trip first thing in the morning and then head north to our next destination. Like all of our plans, this ended up to be an outline of how our trip would be. 

We arrived at the Blackfin Resort & Marina just in time for sunset and boy was it amazing. Quin & I watched as the sun lit up the sky one last time & then faded away into the night. We received a call shortly after that our tour had been canceled and they asked if we could do the afternoon tour that same day. Reluctantly we rescheduled knowing that was going to alter our plans for the evening. Once we recovered from the schedule change, we busted out the food and my honey grilled us up some yummy burgers for dinner. Afterwards, we headed to the Brass Monkey for a night cap.

The following morning we eased out of bed and decided to grab some breakfast at 7 Mile Grill since it was right next to our snorkeling boat. Even with breakfast we were still very early so we used that time to bond with our first mate and make sure we had all we needed for our trip. We hopped aboard a catamaran for our tour provided by Starfish Snorkeling & we set off to see an awesome lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. I was beyond excited. 

Just so you know, neither Quin nor I really like to get in the water, but we were told there were sea turtles out there so he was ready to go snorkeling with me so I could swim with the turtles. The water made for a little rough ride out to the lighthouse but the day was absolutely gorgeous, perfect for a little snorkeling. We were the last ones off of the boat. Neither one of us encouraged the other to take the plunge. To top it off there were jellyfish in the water so my excitement level was being lowered by the minute. I finally got the courage to get in the water and I swam around for a bit. By the time Quin was making his way in, I decided it was not worth the risk of being stung. We made our way back to our spot on the boat and watched all the sights with a tasty beverage in our hands. 

The lighthouse was so beautiful. There it was just hanging out in the middle of nowhere looking so majestic. Of course all I wanted to do was climb it but the chances of that were pretty nil. I was just happy with our time floating along with the motion of the waves, and having a great time with my man. We stayed on the boat for hours and watched all of the wildlife swimming by as the snorkelers made their way back to the boat, one by one. Out of the maybe 20 passengers, only 2 got stung by those jellyfish. I was surprised by that since they just seem to keep multiplying every time I looked out. When it was time to head back I felt sad to leave but so thrilled that we were able to have that experience. Everything was just perfect – the boat, the crew, the weather, the sights, and of course, the company.

Starfish Snorkeling: a great tour company with go snorkeling. The crews are amazing! & Unique Things to Do in Marathon!