Quin & I were in Sanibel visiting his parents for Christmas and decided to head off island to see the Ford & Edison Winter Estates. When we arrived we took a look around the museum and found out a lot of interesting facts about both Ford & Edison. I will admit, I found Edison to be a little more interesting because he invented so many things I have used in life. Although I use a car everyday, I am really not interested in anything car related. 

We used our NARM membership to secure a great discount on a guided tour of the two winter homes. The guide strolled us around the property and we enjoyed listening to the many stories that surround both of the families. Since we were there at Christmas time, the houses & all of the rooms were decorated in Christmas decorations. I felt like it was a nice touch but it left me wanting to see the properties as they were intended to be seen. Nevertheless we had a great tour and a wonderful time exploring the grounds and learning more about two people who have had a great impact on our lives and our daily comfort.

Edison & Ford Winter Estates: information on hours and NARM: information on the North American Reciprocal Museum Association: This is a great way to see a lot of places in one year!