June 24, 2017

I knew I had to catch a ferry to Caladesi Island but I needed to hit a couple of parks before that one. I heard you needed a boat to get to Don Pedro Island so I got a raft and I figured I would just paddle on over. It seems like they have built a land addition to Don Pedro, so instead of getting in my raft, I just explored that part and decided I would return to the water portion when I had a proper vessel! Truth be told, that raft scares me.

Stump Pass was beautiful, from the brief parts I was able to see. The parking lot was full and there was nowhere for me to leave my car for a long period of time. I parked at a timeshare place just to take a look but had to rush back before I was towed. I know now that when I go back it needs to be early morning and probably not in the summer!