June 14, 2017

I am a stubborn and prideful person by nature and I really wanted to accomplish my goal without the help from ANYONE. My ego lessened as the time to meet this goal was rapidly approaching and many parks were proving to be difficult to get to, so I started accepting help. I know it is not a sign of weakness but it was hard to accept, nonetheless. Quin asked me, once again, what parks I had left that I needed help getting to and I finally shared with him the two parks I knew of that required a boat and no ferry service.

Waccasassa Bay Preserve had 3 ways of getting into it and we sure did visit each one. The first one was Gulf Hammock. I’ll share with you this, the public ramp looked very scary, like a horror film was based there. It was awful and dirty so we jumped back into the car and headed to Cedar Key. What a difference! The town was so cool. We grabbed a quick bite before heading off on a boat tour. The tour was pretty fun and we got to see like 20 dolphins just chillin’ and coming over to the boat. My mom would love it there! After the boat tour, we stopped at a few other places, one of them being a kayak shop. The owner gave us a great tip about the 3rd access point so we finally hit success at Yankeetown!

One of my favorite parts of State Parking is discovering the cool little towns we have in this state that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Cedar Key is a town I will be back to and I have a feeling it is going to be a large part of my future. It is a really special town and I can’t wait to go back!