May 28, 2017

It was Memorial Day and I knew I had to be at the first park right when it opened because I learned the day before, these parks really start to fill up as the day goes on. Grayton Beach had many beautiful sand dunes and a nice boardwalk that led to a very pretty beach. I was not able to actually walk on the beach because I had Casey but we were able to hang on the walkway and enjoy the scenery for a while. I do get aggravated that I can’t take her walking on the beach. It gets old just looking from the boardwalks and piers.

Eden Gardens was just a breathtaking park with an enormous house, manicured lawn and a magical lake. We walked around enjoying the peaceful morning. Admiring all inches of beauty we came across and spent a lot of time watching the fishermen in the distance and the birds doing a little fishing of their own. We stayed as long as we could before people started pouring in the park for a private holiday party.

I knew Casey would not be allowed on the beach at Deer Lake but I still wanted to walk the boardwalk to the end and take a look at the beach and some of the pretty sand dunes. To my surprise the walkway up to the water was the best part! These sand dunes were even better than the ones at Grayton Beach! Most people probably go to this area to frolic in the waters but really, I could just stay for days admiring the ever-changing dunes.