May 27, 2017

Swimming in the springs is not on my to do list which makes traveling with a dog much easier! It was getting later in day and arriving at Ponce de Leon Springs was a reminder of the holiday weekend. I drove around the small parking lot and found one of the last spots available. Casey and I walked through the crowd of people to get to the spring. It was beautiful there; a swimming hole on each side of the bridge and a nice walkway all around the spring. I suspect it is usually used for floating around but water was just so low that people were only walking through it.

We walked on the land and took in the different aspects of the spring. There were a ton on trees knocked down and just going across like natural bridges from one side to the other. Simple reminders I get to see of just how fierce and majestic mother nature can be.

Falling Waters was one of the parks I was really looking forward to seeing most of all. I did not take our drought into consideration when I set off to find the state’s highest waterfall. Even though water only dripped from the top, if was still a cool sight to see. I stood and admired its beauty for a good amount of time and then found some trails to hike. We went down by the lake and then circled back to the sinkhole trail. We only made it a few steps before discovering it was closed; bummer! This just gives me more of a reason to come back in the early fall one year, after our rainy season.