March 12, 2017

Oh, if only I would learn lessons from State Parking excursions of the past! My first park of the day was supposed to be to Mound Key Archaeological Preserve only I could not find it anywhere! Why? It was in the middle of the water, accessible by boat only. Off the island I drove and over to Estreo Bay Preserve. I must of spent about 30 minutes at the preserve and gave up. I needed someone like my son to be there with me at this one. It had a lot of hiking opportunities and I am sure if I kept going beauty would have slapped me in the face! As I have mentioned more than once before, I am not the most experienced hiker and to be honest, I really don’t even like it that much. I also had Casey with me and we all know how much she just loves walking outside, in the grass! I decided to just get in the car and check out Koreshan Historic.

I was a little put off that a state park system preserved a place that was basically built by a cult but I must tell you, the grounds were really beautiful. There was even a Farmer’s Market being held there and so many families using the grounds for professional photography sessions.

Casey and I walked around for a few hours and even had a close encounter with a gopher tortoise. We did not touch but it did let us get really close which was super exciting! Even though I had several more parks on my list to visit that day, I decided it was time to just go home. I was tired and those parks would not have been enjoyed. I decided to continue my State Parking Adventures another day!