February 4, 2017

Going with the flow seems to be a gift a person must possess when deciding to visit ALL Florida State Parks in one year. Originally, this day was planned to visit Ft. Meyers but all the campgrounds in that area were full.  There were still a cluster of parks in Northeast Florida that I had not gone to and as luck would have it, I was able to get the last camping spot at Suwannee River State Park. Andrew and I were going on this camping adventure and I could not be more excited! We always have a great time together but I knew this was going to be my last opportunity to spend some QT with him before he headed out on him own adventure, hiking the Appalachian Trail!

We got up with the sun, packed up the car and Casey and hit the road for our day of State Parking Adventures! We arrived at Dudley Farms a few minutes early so we waited in the car across the street near some cows. Casey was not sure what to think of the cows but she sure thought she was protecting us from those beast with her scary bark.

We toured the museum and then snuck Casey onto the farm. It was a really cool place. Andrew and I were amazed at how much one family actually accomplished. The structures were outstanding. After exploring the land it was time to move on to the next park. We headed to Troy Springs but got a little detoured when we noticed a sign to Ichetucknee Springs. The road led us to the south entrance where the tubing seems to take place during season. Everything was closed up for the winter for sure, couldn’t even get a hotdog or a bag of chips if we tried! There were still a few ‘brave’ souls out there in the water, screaming because the water was so cold as then flipped off of their tubes. Andrew and I hiked the trails instead of tubing! Each one led to a dock where tubers could jump into the spring.