January 28, 2017

Sometimes the best part of your day is the part you didn’t plan on! This has been a fact in several of my state parking adventures and it became truth once again when I arrived at Rainbow Springs. The day’s agenda of state parks was completed but there was still daylight left so we decided to stop at one more park that was on our route back home.

Years ago I went tubing down the Rainbow River on a 6 hour journey and had a blast. Little did I know, or probably even care, that there was an actual park with a spring you could visit. I would say this park was pretty much an oasis! What a beautiful place to walk around and soak in the beauty of nature. Many years ago it was a privately owned attraction and they still have managed to keep that feel.

We followed the walkways around in search of the spring and then got detoured by the waterfall signs. Now this was a wonderful surprise! Seriously, who doesn’t love a waterfall? We worked our way around, admiring all of the waterfalls and the beautiful landscapes. We continued to follow the walkway until it led us right to the spring. Due to the weather, it was not shocking that no one was in the water, but I could see how this park would be booming come spring!

As the sun was setting, the rain was beginning to fall, and we found our way out (eventually) of the park. Another amazing day of beauty that nature has created and humans have helped to preserve.