December 30, 2016

The Natural Bridge Battlefield has a beautiful monument and marks where the 2nd largest battle in the Civil War was fought. The grounds were very pretty and had some nice looking waters around it.

The next stop was to be the St. Marks River State Park because we knew we had to be close! Imagine our surprise when the GPS took us to San Marcos de Apalache. We opted not to do the tour of the museum inside but to just follow the map around the grounds outside instead. Oh that map! There is one thing I will say, the Florida State Parks seem to have some challenging maps!

We meandered through the trails which led us to some low waters and really cool trees. We found our way to the St. Marks River park, the county park that is. That explains the GPS! We did find our way to the state park and to the Letchworthe-Love Mounds and stayed a small amount of time in each one. I’m not sure if we were worn out or if we were just so impressed by other parks that we decided it was time to head to camp.  Off we went back to our campsite to rest up and get ready for a whole new day of adventures.