November 13, 2016

Before I set off on this day’s journey, I stopped at Wawa to take advantage of the free air and to get a sandwich for lunch. By the time I arrived at Oscar Scherer, it was past time to fill my belly! I ate in the picnic area near the canoe launch and then took a hike along the waters edge. I then made my way to the main area of the park where I attempted to ride my bike. I quickly found out that instead of adding air earlier to the tires, I seemed to have taken it out. I put my bike back on the rack and then walked around the swimming hole. When I was in the Nature Center the lady informed me there was a Bald Eagles nest on a trail that was about a ½ mile hike so off I went to see this wonder. That hike was actually a 2 mile hike and I still did not see an eagles nest. One of the eagles did fly right over my head which was super cool and turned my frustration into happiness instantly. I probably walked right by it, I really cannot see well at all.

On my way to Charlotte Harbor, another Bald Eagle flew beside my car keeping up with me for what seemed like a mile. It was a pretty majestic experience. I will tell you I did not see any harbor, just a hiking trail. I was quickly losing daylight so I hastily left there to head to Gasparilla Island. You should know that there is a $6 toll to get to the island but it is well worth it. What a beautiful place. I toured around the white sandy beaches and the outside of the lighthouse. I stayed on the island and watched the sun go down. I could not have asked for a more perfect way to end this day!