November 12, 2016

Little Manatee River was the perfect place to ride my bike but when I got on it I realized that I was either too heavy for it or my tires really needed air. I hiked along the Scrub Jay path for a while and watched some kayakers paddle down the river. I headed out to find Dude Lake simply because of the name. It was a nice relaxing walk and the scene at the end was beautiful. The lake was a little too active for me; filled with people fishing, horseback riders taking a break, and children playing chase; all things expected to see at a park but I yearned for peace in nature. I headed back to the car in search of Cockroach Bay.

As I was driving there I spotted the signs for the Skyway Bridge and made a slight detour. This was a pretty cool spot because it was the old connector bridge that was now turned into fishing piers. I spent a good amount of time there just watching the people fish and wading in the water. The weather was perfect and my mind needed this cleansing. I really enjoyed my time there and gained a strong appreciation for people’s passion for fishing. What a calming and peaceful experience!