November 12, 2016

I had a camping adventure all planned out with 32 state parks on the list in 5 days time. This trip was going to start on a Monday because I needed to wait until the Volusia County Fair was over to breakdown my booth. When I woke up the Friday before my scheduled trip, I had an urgent need to get out of town as fast as possible due to many circumstances in life and the stresses that came with them.

Shawna graciously offered her spare bedroom to me and a friend kindly offered to breakdown my booth for me so off I went to hit some parks on the southwest side of the state. Colt Creek was my first stop and the first time I actually got to ride my bike in the wild! Truth be told, I prefer to just look at it! That thing is too hard to ride. I am hoping that with some practice it will get easier. I rode around the big lake and then by the little ones. I put my bike back on the rack and hiked a small trail before heading out to the next park. It was a great start to the day!

When arriving to Alafia River State Park I was shocked to see all of these people on mountain bikes; they were everywhere! This state park was filled with trails for people to ride their bikes on. My bike would not be able to compete with any of them and if I tried riding the trails. I am sure I would get blown over by the body wind of the people passing me by! Luckily there were some hiking trails I could take advantage of, going through an old phosphate mine. This park was an unusual surprise to me and I am happy I was able to experience it, even if I don’t ride a mountain bike.