July 2020

I have this amazing friend Kim that I go on business retreats with and we lock ourselves into a room for several days and work on our businesses. We do things that we don’t normally get to do when we are at home, working on our businesses instead of just in them. These retreats have changed my life and have really changed my business. Kim and I are so much a like in so many ways but we are also so very different. Our differences is what leads me to this adventure.

We booked a retreat in Micanopy. Now, one thing you should know about Micanopy is that there is only one good place to stay there and it is NOT the place we stayed! While we were on our retreat Kim thought it would be nice to drive by a couple of the state parks in the area to see if her and Michael might enjoy them on an anniversary trip. This was a little surprising to me because I did not know Kim was a fan of the state parks. We drove by the observation dock in Paynes Prairie and I have to tell you, I was in shock. We pulled over on the side and I jumped out. I could not believe this was the same place I was at a few short years ago. When I was there before it looked like a prairie. When we pulled up, it looked like a lake. There was even a boat on it! People were fishing from the dock. It was so crazy to me that it was the same place. Simply amazing! There is a sign when you pull up that shows the prairie at the different seasons but I just could not believe a place could change so much.

I could tell that it was time to move on. We took a short drive to Devil’s Millhopper but we were unable to get a good look.