November 5, 2016

I had this day ALL mapped out but as life happens, plans change! I did not account for the time change and waking up at 4 am, ready to hit the road. I decided that instead of waiting for the time to pass I would just reverse the order of the parks and head to the one farthest away. Olustee Battlefield was the first state park, EVER, but it still seemed to be a work in progress. I must admit, it was pretty cool to stand where the largest civil war battle took place. I’m thinking of coming back in February when they do reenactments. Of course, I am not sure if that is where it actually happened or of it was close by.

Off I went to Big Shoals. This was a journey all by itself. I drove for miles through the woods only to dead end right before the entrance of the park. I then proceeded to drive miles back out the way I came and looked for the road that would lead me to the entrance. Little did I know that I could have just walked a few feet into the park from the dead end.  I am convinced that the time change and lack of sleep made this trip a bit off!

I do not believe that I had the pleasure of visiting this park at the appropriate time because I did not see any of the rapids that the pamphlet spoke about. I will have to come back again at another time without Casey and with someone to hike with because the shortest trail was 2 miles long. The picnic area was nice and the view of the river was awesome!

The State of Florida Nature and Heritage Center was full of information and right next to it was the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center. This park was very clean and pretty and the Carillon Tower was really cool. Casey and I walked down to the Suwanee River and then continued on our way down the river.  We had to leave because the Boy Scouts were having a hiking expedition and Casey was distracting the children! What can I say, her cuteness cannot be resisted!