October 30, 2016

For some reason I felt like I had visited this park when I was a kid but I may have just imagined I was there from watching The Yearling or Cross Creek! When I arrived nothing felt familiar. There was a self-guided tour map at the entrance so off I went exploring the grounds! I missed the guided tour by 15 minutes but they did have them every hour so I challenged my ADD and waited for the 2 pm tour and it was worth it!

While I was waiting I continued to walk around and I was just amazed at how one person’s home was kept so intact for others to experience. As I took the guided tour and listened to the stories about Marjorie and the way she lived her life, her accomplishments, her perspective, and her progressiveness, I could see why. I felt like we were kindred spirits! I am very intrigued by her and her lifestyle.

The tour was great because her home was set with many of her belongings and it has even inspired me to read her book. I feel like there was also a message being delivered to me… Follow Your Dreams & Passion! A theme that has followed me through this adventure so far.