October 2, 2016

There are times when plans just need to change and this was one of those times! Originally I had planned on spending the morning at the Indie Market before football but I thought about this goal that I have set and decided that the morning would be better spent exploring state parks!

I woke up about 5:30 am and needed to knock some work out before I began my journey. I text my friend on some items I needed for work and she responded back instantly. I asked her if she wanted to come along and 30 minutes later we were off to the St. Augustine area!

We drove into Favers-Dykes and followed the signs that led us to a nature trail and dock. We walked a little towards the trail but it just looked like it was leading us into a field so we headed for the dock. Alligator signs were posted and you could tell they liked to hang out there because the ground was indented from where they were laying but we did not run across any. Casey was held tight, just in case, while I snapped off a million pictures of nature! The morning was just so beautiful, it was a great place to start the day. We soaked up nature for some time and then headed to the car, that’s where the wildlife adventure began! Three deer were spotted in the road but hopped away as we got closer and minutes later one of them jumped in front of the car, nearly killing us, hahaha. (Yes, I’m being dramatic)

Moments later we spotted a baby black bear in the woods! We watched it for a bit and then another one appeared. It became very apparent at that moment that they were not bear but wild boar. The parents came along and then they were all off, as fast as lightening! Those suckers are quick. All we kept saying was how cool it was to see all these animals and how happy we were to be in the car. What an exciting adventure! As we followed the road out our hearts stopped racing. Back to ‘civilization’ and off to the next park we went!