March 2015
For this particular Spring Break, I was lucky to not only spend some great time with Andrew, I also got to spend some time with June Bug! We went on a few adventures the day we went to DeLeon Springs. Before we got to the park the kids got to pick their own strawberries at VoLasalle Farms. Andrew informed me that he didn’t really like strawberries but I think he had fun picking them anyways, for me to eat later at the park.
Although I had my bathing suit on for this occasion, there was no way in the world I was getting in that water. It was warm out but not hot enough to jump in the spring. The kids spent a little time in the water but when the lips started turning purple, I knew it was time to bask in the sun. We enjoyed a nice picnic and the kids ran around, enjoying the park. I just watched for hours, joining in where I saw fit. It really was a great way to spend the day. I am so happy the park was not far from the house because we were all pretty worn out by the days end.