September 10, 2016

Good thing these parks had about an hour drive time in between because Casey needed to rest in the A/C to cool herself down & re-hydrate! When we arrived, I was not sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Although the ravine was close to dried up, the beauty of what was ‘under the water’ was a sight to see. My favorite was a tree that had fallen & nature just took its course.

We drove to the top of the park and then did a little exploring by Little Lake Johnson and ended up by Lake Johnson. The scenery reminded me of the movie Dirty Dancing for some reason. Cute little picnic areas, some under pavilions and others under the trees, and down the hill lead you to a nice swimming hole where families were gathered, splashing around. This looks like a wonderful place to camp as a family. After watching the good times being had it was time to wander off to a quiet place. We made one last stop to a mill site but we did not make it there. The heat was pretty intense at that point of the day and Casey’s breathing patterns were starting to change rapidly so it was time to head to Jacksonville! It was good day for state parking, we set off at about 8 am and we finished our last park after 3 pm. All in all I would say that was a great day!