July 28, 2018
Andrew, my son, is a big fan of nature so to celebrate his birthday I took him to a few gardens and “boneyard beach” at Big Talbot Island State Park. I knew he would love seeing all of the driftwood and trees laying around the beach. I am pretty sure he climbed on everyone of them. I wish he could have transferred some of that energy to me! It was amazing to watch him play and soak in all the park had to offer.
We were there for high tide so we were not able to see the trees that were in the water but we did get to witness many different types of photo shoots that were happening around the island. We even decided to do a silly photo shoot of our own! I was not aware of the hiking trails the park had to offer until months after that visit. I am sure Andrew would have had us take full advantage of them if we knew they were there.
Next time there could be a kayak tour of the salt marshes and maybe even a visit during low tide.