August 21, 2016

What I have loved so far about this journey is that every park has been a little different. It has not just been the woods and the different paths through them like I imagined in the beginning. Little Talbot Island reminded me a lot of the shores of South Carolina except across the way you could see the massive Navy vessels. We drove to the last parking lot on the island and followed the wooden walkway to the waters edge where it was clearly marked for fishing only – no wading or swimming. People, of course, were in the water, even Uncle Barry had to try it out. We enjoyed our time on the shore, watching the people throw their lines in and cast their nets. We could see the swimming area was just around the corner and there were pavilions for picnicking in front of that area. I think this would be an amazing place to watch the sea turtles so I am going look up when that season is and contact the park for a future visit. There seems to be some cool trails for hiking and exploring too. I do enjoy seeing wildlife, I usually prefer there to be a moat or fence or something in between! When I return, I will need to bring someone with a good eye because I can’t spot an animal unless it is inches away from me.

I was excited about Big Talbot Island because Aunt Tracey already told me it was filled with driftwood. Mother nature is really just an amazing and powerful beast! To see those massive trees and the root systems of what was once an island with thriving green trees was so amazing. We spent most of our time at this park, soaking up the sights & analyzing what was. Uncle Barry is fascinated with driftwood too so this park was perfect for us to explore together. We walked the shoreline for a while but I could see there was still more land to explore but we needed to be on our way. I sat on a driftwood to put my shoes back on and a wave came up. I saved one shoe but the other was soaked and when I got up the driftwood ripped my skirt! Next time I will have my flops on and maybe even a bathing suit. It would be a great place to have a picnic and see it when the tide is even lower. Uncle Barry said there is even more driftwood to see! WOW! I am ready to go again!