August 21, 2016

Some people, might think that I am not taking the time to get to know each park but rather using this year as a type of checklist. In a way, that is true. I am really forcing myself to go and see all of the parks in one year; some to enjoy for the day and some for discovery purposes. I know not every park will be the one for me but if I don’t go and check it out then I will never know which ones are! I have already discovered places that I want to revisit & finding myself planning long weekends and vacations to the parks in the years to come.

On this day, my Uncle Barry and I set out to see all of the state parks in the Jacksonville area. I had made a list for myself of the parks I wanted to see on my visit there and let’s just say we more than exceeded the list! Pumpkin Hill Creek was less than 10 miles from their house so we decided to check that out first.

Now the pamphlet showed some nice trails with water at the end. Looking across the field it just seemed to be a trail better taken by horseback. The name of one of the trails scared me a little too – Diamondback. I just don’t think my cheap ‘tennis’ shoes and my uncles flip flops were the proper choice for that type of hike! I will do a little research and see if there is another entrance to the park, maybe a little more city folk friendly.

Next, we followed the signs to Fort George. We searched all over for that fort and we just could not find it. We found the slave quarters and the plantation but not the fort. We followed the path around to the water and watched the boaters and the people fishing, found a pretty big dock but still did not find the fort. We headed out and drove around the rest of the park, driving right by the Ribault Club – it was a little too fancy for us to go inside. When we circled back to the beginning I felt a little disappointed but knew we needed to press on.

When I got home I did a little research and discovered the whole thing was Fort George, hence the name Fort George Cultural Park. HA! Now I have to decide if I want to continue to travel blindly or find out about the place before I head there. I am thinking blind is the way to go! It seems a little more adventurous that way.