August 13, 2016

Life likes to remind me that I am not really in control of it as I like to think I am. My plans to go to the Amelia Island area were pushed back a week but I wanted to make sure I did not let the day or moment go to waste so I altered my plans a little. It was a lucky day for me because I got to pick up my granddaughter, June Bug and take her swimming at Wekiwa Springs. I had not been there in years so I was looking forward to seeing it again and wondered if I remembered anything about it. I got up before the sun, packed a bag for Casey and I and headed out to scoop that little Bug up!

We got there about 9:30 am and there was a bit of a line which was to be expected but there was no chance of us getting there any earlier, unless we slept over the night before. The park ranger was so friendly and even offered Casey a bone. What a wonderful start to the day.

Tip for those who are reading this: if you go to a spring of any kind during warm season, weekend or holiday, get there right when the sun wakes up or you are going to wait in a line to enter! 

We walked through the picnic area where many families were gathered playing catch, running around, listening to music and cooking some amazing smelling food. It did not take us long to find the water and the best place to put our stuff. Off we went to check out the spring. I was getting a little concerned when I noticed a few ‘no pets beyond this point’ signs but I was not sure if that applied to me or if they were saying pets can’t go in the water. We all traveled down to the water in search of a way for June Bug to get in. She quickly realized that her float was still in the car but we were already there so I told her to just jump in and give it a try. When she could not touch the bottom she panicked and wanted out immediately!

Back up to the towels we went to gather my purse and the keys to the car. We took the long way back, walked across the bridge and admired a turtle sunbathing and what looked like a bird hunting prey. Once we got back from the car we were greeted by a young ranger who informed me that indeed, I could not have Casey there because people sunbath there. Looking at his face I decided not to question him (he looked a little scared) & gathered up our stuff and found a new spot on the other side of the stairs. Note to self: Do not bring Casey to a park where there is swimming.

The end of our time was peaceful; June Bug swam for hours while I watched her and Casey slept and people watched her the few moments she was awake. June’s tummy decided that the chips and crackers were not cutting it so it was time to leave to grab some lunch and Andrew to head off to our next adventure.