August 2014

When I moved to DeLand I quickly realized I was now a resident of an amazing county to explore nature. While scrolling through Facebook one day, I noticed a post made by a friend talking about the Bulow Plantation Ruins. I had no idea such a great place was preserved near by. I just knew I had to go. My friend Dave came up from Orlando and we headed to Ormond. We first stopped at Bulow Creek State Park. I am not sure why, maybe we were just following the signs. I thought the park was ok but I was really only interested in seeing the plantation and sugar mill ruins.

When we got there is was spectacular. It was so cool to see many of the buildings largely intact. You could tell what many of the things were but there were also signs everywhere to help identify all of the things. They even tell the story of long ago at the push of a button. We stayed there for a long time. I really enjoyed that visit and I couldn’t wait to discover what else my new county had to offer.