November 15, 2016

The Savannas Preserve was a very simple park that I really enjoyed. The freshwater marshes stole my time away and I did not mind at all. I sat on a bench thinking of nothing but the beauty that surrounded me. After my time in nature, I drove off to the next park, through the cute little town of Stuart. Sea Branch Preserve was a little shocking to me and probably one of my least favorite parks so far. The park is surrounded by modern noise and construction. After a brief hike I went back on the road to get my camp set up early enough so I could explore the park.

I made great time and set up my campsite at Jonathan Dickinson State Park in less than 30 minutes. The first spot I explored was Hobe Mountain. Who knew we had mountains in Florida? Halfway up the mountain I stopped to look around and made a new friend. She was probably about 10 years old and she informed me that we were so high up that she could see Indiana from where we were standing.

Off her and her family went to the top of the mountain, I joined them moments later. I could see the river, the ocean and the woods; very cool sights! I stayed up to the top of the mountain getting to know my new friend and all aspects of her family. When they left I stayed to enjoy the silence of being up higher than any noise. I then went in search for the river but the sun was setting at a rapid pace so I made my way back to my camp. I was bound and determined to make a fire! I followed some of my dads advice and mixed in my own ideas and BAM! A fire was made! I can’t believe I made FIRE! I felt so accomplished. After making this fire, I felt like I was capable of doing anything!

I stayed up until my fire went out, put my cooler in the car and went to sleep. I woke up before the sun, got ready for the day, packed up my camp and headed out for a hike before I moved on to the next park. I took a two mile hike and I could not have asked for a more beautiful morning. The sun was still rising as I hiked through the pines, making my way to the creek. I know I could have stayed in this park for more hours than I had to spare. It was time for me to move forward but not before deciding this one will go on my favorites list and I will find my way back here soon!