October 15, 2016

Oh the road to the Dade Battlefield was a long one and it was ALL my fault! The goal for the day was 5 state parks so we decided to head back to Homosassa and take advantage of the complementary kennel and check out the animals. We walked over to the kennel and quickly realized why they were complementary. They were outside cages with a lock provided. That might be great for regular dogs but as you might know by now, my dog is not really dog like. Plus, I would be worried about her the whole time and we would not have the best time there. We headed to the car but spotted a cool Halloween photo opt so we snapped a few pictures and then went to the car to look at the map and pick our next destination.

Rainbow River was our choice so we hit the road, searching for food along the way. We made a decision that all state parking food choices would be a unique experience and so far we have been right. This one was not a good one! When we pulled in I realized that my wallet, camera and state park passport were gone. Yikes! I forgot them at Homosassa Springs where we were taking pictures.  My friend got us some food (which was not very good) and we headed back. My heart dropped when we returned to find my belongings were gone. We went inside and it turns out that a Volusia County Sheriff named Tony turned my stuff in for me! How crazy was that, a sheriff from my county and not the county we were in?

Deciding there was a reason we were not supposed to go that route, we picked a new park and headed to Dade Battlefield. Still hungry we stopped in to Lake Lindsey’s Mall & Deli, mostly to fill our curiosity and ordered some Philly Cheese Steaks to go.

We walked around Dade Battlefield Park, it was nice and clean. Small but well kept. Monuments and memorials to soldiers that had died in battle there; only 3 actually survived the attack. We found our way to the picnic tables, ate our yummy sandwiches and then headed home from our wonderful adventurous day!