Quin & I are always looking for new things to do when we travel to different places in the state. We share a love for the outdoors which comes in handy for our relationship. We thought it would be fun to explore gardens throughout the state like I had done with my son Andrew a few years before. I knew of a Groupon that would get us into those gardens for a year but we had to collect it at Sunken Gardens. On our way home from an adventure down south, we decided to visit the gardens. 

This was my 3rd visit to Sunken Gardens. I felt like I would be a great tour guide since I knew my way around but I should have known better. When we are together, we do not follow a path or even an outline. We get distracted very easily and go in many different directions. I like that about us because we see a lot of things in a timely manner. Although our visit was the shortest one of my three visits, we were still able to enjoy the whole garden, we saw every aspect of it. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves because we arrived towards the end of the day and that was nice. The staff was very kind and made us feel welcomed & did not rush our experience at all & we returned the favor by leaving the gardens before being escorted out. 

I later did some research and found out that the year pass is actually a membership to the American Horticultural Society & the annual membership is reasonable so when our passes expired I just went on their website & joined directly through them: https://connect.ahsgardening.org/join which was nice because the information just got mailed right to our home!

Sunken Gardens: get resource for hours of operation