In recent years, I have become very obsessed with Shelling. My shelling experience has been very limited to pretty much Sanibel Island and I have been very pleased with my many findings. Since I have become obsessed I have found myself researching other places to find great shells. In my research, one of the islands that kept popping up was Cayo Costa State Park, near Captiva Island. I had been to the island back in my State Parking year and I was able to find a few good shells & a perfect sand dollar but I wasn’t particularly interested in shells at that time. 

Hurricane Ian came through the Sanibel & Captiva area and devastated almost everything. Much of the islands and areas were destroyed beyond repair and the parts that could be repaired have and will take years to complete. Slowly homes have been rebuilt, businesses have reopened, and areas have become available for visiting again, including Cayo Costa. As soon as I heard the park was open again I was ready to go. Bob, Quin’s dad, treated us to an adventure to the island through Captiva Cruises. I was thrilled to take my shelling ‘on the road’. 

The weather could not have been better for a boat ride and some shelling. It was December so it was cool but not cold, just perfect. The sky was blue with just the right amount of clouds to keep the sun at bay and the air the right temperature. When we started off on our cruise the Captain announced that we were not able to go to the park for whatever reason and a wave of disappointment rushed over me. Trying to be as positive as I could be I held my head up & smiled at the new location we were diverted to. Everything happens for a reason. Then, moments later something else happened & we were back on course for Cayo Costa. YAY! 

We arrived & started heading to find our honey hole. We knew there would be shells because no one had been on the island for a long time. We found mounds of shells and the hunt for the treasures began. Quin was very detailed in his hunt and his finds were really good. I found some good ones too but they basically had to fall at my feet to do so. He can stick to one place and look for a long time. I am like a jumping bean, I just know the next place is where I am going to find the big one! 

Our day was a success and we left with bags full of goodies and smiles on our faces!

Captiva Cruises: this is who I used to get to the island!