September 2019

Quin is from Coral Gables and he wanted to show me his old stomping grounds. I asked him while we were down there if we could go to Bill Baggs and climb the lighthouse because I was unable to do so the last time I was there. We arrived pretty early for the tour so we walked around the grounds and did a tour of our own. We then waited for the guide while I was entertained greatly by an iguana that was hanging around.

We were given an informative tour of the grounds and spent a lot of time climbing the lighthouse and admiring the view from the top. Little did I know that Quin had never been to the top of the lighthouse and he was stepping way out of his comfort zone to go up in the first place. When we got to the top I was amazed because it was completely open and so was the room where the light was. I thought it was the greatest thing ever and I was so happy we were able to experience the lighthouse!