February 11, 2017

My dad asked me if I wanted to go out to him and take a horseback ride for the full moon and then just stay out at the cowboy condo for the night. Of course I just had to say yes! He told me I could bring Casey with me so I packed my bag & the car, planning the stay gone the whole weekend – not really knowing where the road was going to lead me!

For my day of State Parking I woke up and headed South. I made many stops along the way before I finally made it to Highland Hammock. I knew immediately this was a park I would need to return to with Andrew. The park itself was full of trails complete with catwalks! I spent a few hours there and I still did not get to see everything. There were a few trails I could not hike because Casey was not allowed to go and I’m pretty sure gators had a lot to do with that. We did walk through a Cypress Forest and it was just magical! I can’t recall ever being surrounded by so many Cypress trees before.  The day passed so quickly!

I decided I would check out Lake-June-in-Winter Scrub since it was only about a 20 minute drive and somewhat heading back towards my dads. The plan was to watch the sunset by the water once I finished my hike. As we all know, plans can change in an instant! As I arrived at the water’s edge I received a text from Courtney (my daughter) that she was going to the hospital. It seems as if baby Bellamy was getting ready to make her debut! I was almost 3 hours away but the labor was slow. I dropped Casey at my moms and headed to Ocoee to keep my Punkin’ company while I awaited the birth of my new granddaughter!