May 28, 2017

Camp Helen was such a nice treat for me. I loved walking around the grounds learning about how active it used to be. I would have loved being a part of the crew that got to utilize this camp.

There was a nice lake that people were kayaking on, a pathway to the Gulf and even some wetlands. Even Casey enjoyed the leisurely stroll we took around the grounds. Overall, I would say the wetlands were my favorite part of the whole wonderful experience.

St. Andrews was the last park of the day, which was good because it took me over 30 minutes to get in! While others were fighting to get to the beach, I was stopping on the side of the road enjoying all of the variety of scenes nature provided there. I even took Casey to Gator Alley but I got nervous a few steps in and headed to the car. I just know how much gators love little puppies and I was not in the mood to fight for her life (and probably lose)!

I drove passed the full parking lots and over to the sand dunes before I decided to head back to the caverns. Every parking spot was full and every inch of the beach was occupied so I used it as my cue to move on. I would like to go back and visit the park one day but I know it should not be on an actual holiday.