June 11, 2017

I love lighthouses so I was pretty excited to visit this island. This park does require a boat so I jumped on the ferry and headed over. I was a little worried because the rain started to fall as I watched the clock, waiting to travel over. Upon arrival, it just stopped! I had such a great time exploring this island.

Wandering through the old fort and walking the paths of a town that once was – what an amazing experience. Admiring pieces of buildings that were once erect and filled with people. Now the island is filled with gopher tortoises. They are everywhere and it is just awesome! I even hung out with one on the beach, not touching any of them, of course. I will tell you that some of them are pretty grumpy and if you walk close to them without knowing, they will actually hiss at you. I will be revisiting this lighthouse and island, most likely by a private boat. There are events that happen throughout the year that look very interesting too!