May 27 & 28, 2017

I heard that Florida had caverns a few years ago and I was in disbelief. I knew I had to visit them so when I found out they were in a state park, that was a bonus! I planned to visit the caverns the first of the year but mother nature had a different plan for me. Everything happens for a reason and I believe the reason was so I could camp there.

My first day I checked out the shop and what it took to get a ticket to the tour of the cave. I found out some important details – the tour was $9, it lasted about an hour and Casey was not allowed to go with me. My research was completed so I went in search of my campsite. It took me a really long time to find it because the road that led to it was hidden. It was back behind the swimming hole and past where the equestrian camp was. I set up my camp while being attacked by a million bugs and then did some hiking on a few trails. Due to the drought we were in, there were no fires allowed so I pretty much stayed under the cover of the tents until the morning.

The second day I did a little more hiking and went on a tour of the caverns. The tour guide was funny and the cave was pretty cool. I would recommend this cave to someone who has never been to one before or to a child. I am not saying it is a bad cave, I just feel it is better classified as a beginner’s cave.

After the tour I went back to my site and packed up. I was intending on staying another night but a very bad storm system was coming from Alabama and frankly, I’ve had just about enough of camping in the rain! I had accomplished my State Parking goal for that area so I felt good about going home and sleeping in my dry bed!