November 19, 2016

I had been planning this trip for a while. It was going to happen once before but it was postponed, I believe, because we needed to see those parks on that very day! Usually I am the driver and my friend is the navigator but we decided to switch things up! Long story short, she took a hill going about 30 miles an hour, we caught air like we were in a scene of the Dukes of Hazzard and landed on the wrong side of the road! Once we turned around and pointed in the right direction, there were about 6 cars in the exact place we had just landed. It was at that moment we determined we had either landed in a time warp or landed on the other side of life!

Still laughing from that crazy experience, we made it to Homosassa Springs, we went to explore & see all of the lovely animals! We stayed and looked at the manatee and her babies for a while and then moved on. It was then that the weirdness began! It started when a couple chimed in when we were taking our manatee pictures, then we were ambushed by 1,000 children at the underwater viewing area. A wooden bear came out of the woods to attack me but his head was cut off!

We watched kayakers in the water with the manatees and a woman trying to actually swim with one. There was a huge hippo that may be living its last days, an owl hiding a dead chick in its hole and we witnessed a fox being bullied by vultures! The rangers had to shoo them away because they were torturing the poor thing. We even had a conversation with an owl through her Pandora as her camera steadily took random pictures using keywords it was not programmed to respond to. What a day!

It took us hours to meander our way through the park. We were witness to things that most people would never have the opportunity to see and we soaked it all in with a trillion laughs along the way.