November 17, 2016

The last state park of my trip was in Key West so knowing myself pretty well, I decided it would be best to set up camp early and then continue to the parks. Within minutes of being in Bahia Honda State Park I was in love, again! What an amazing place! The water was so inviting that I even wanted to jump in! When I go back down to see the parks I have missed, this is where I would want to stay, the whole trip! I was so taken in by its beauty that I briefly envisioned myself being married there and then I remembered marriage is not something I envisioned for my future! Every step I took was more exciting than the one before! There was even an old bridge that they opened and I climbed up to the highest point I could go. Oh I just didn’t want to leave there, ever! I knew I had to leave at some point, one more park and the time was flying! I had been there for hours and it seemed like only minutes.

I finally forced myself to get in my car and head to Key West. I remembered quickly why it was better to park and walk around there but I was on a mission! I had to get to Ft. Taylor and explore before they closed the gate. I was immediately happy with my decision to see the Fort; it was too cool. They left it opened to climb to the top. I was so high that I was above the sailboats and ships that were all around. That is with the exception of the cruise ship that was in port. I walked the grounds and read all about the history. I spent a lot of my time near the cannons, trying to recreate the power and sounds in my mind. Then a loud voice rang out that the park was now closed! I was the only one left! I headed out with a sad face but then looked at the sky; sunset! What better place to watch this then in Key West? Off to the Southernmost Point I went!

(I later found out that I was actually in the best place to see the sunset in Key West!)