November 15, 2016

As I drove down A1A I wondered where a state park could possibly be hiding and the there it was, right in plain sight! The beach was simply beautiful! I walked along admiring how quiet it was and spent many moments watching the ranger maliciously care for the park. The morning was still gloomy but the rain had stopped, for the most part, just drizzling in spurts.

Off I went to Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park which was not too far down the road. The ranger was super sweet and stamped my passport then told me about the two sides on the park; right was the inlet and left was the beach. I made my way to the right, spotting a bobcat crossing sign. I felt a little alarmed but I pressed on anyway.

I walked in all the little coves and found my way to some rocks that I decided to walk along. It was a perfect place to take the picture that my friends requested. I was asked to take some of me periodically to document my travels, making sure I stayed safe. I stepped on what I thought was a rock and fell right through. Thankfully the ground was not too far away. I snapped the picture for my friends while I was down there. I looked across the way and spied a man enjoying the scenery I had just enjoyed just moments before. Being the creeper I am, I stole that moment he was having with a picture. I sat down there for a moment reflecting on my trip and my feelings. Then I wondered what he might be thinking of in his moment. I just find it so interesting the effect nature has on us humans. I took in some deep, salt air breaths and then I made my way to the car to explore the beach side. I spotted a walkway to the beach and headed down it, crossing paths with that man on the beach. We exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways. I decided it was too risky to walk far from my car with the rain and drove my car to the other side.

I walked along the shore and then I went into the hammock for a hike. The loop was supposed to take 30 minutes but I swear I did it in half the time. All I kept thinking about was that bobcat crossing sign I read earlier. Once again I ran into the kind stranger I spotted before and we talked a few more moments about animals and things of that nature. I headed back to my car to start planning the next part of my day.

I looked up and spotted the man heading out of the hammock and walking towards his car. When he turned it caught my attention, so I rolled down my window. The rest of that story will be told another day! I will say this, there is a message being told to me in these state park adventures; follow my dreams, my passion and my instincts. As I do that, I continue to meet people along the way that confirm that message because they too are following theirs as well!