May 2020
Quin and I took a day trip to St Augustine so I could check out a cool Herb farm for a customer’s herb garden. While we were driving around we decided to go to Anastasia State Park. We just so happened to have a free pass from my winnings at bingo a few months before. It was a beautiful afternoon and the sand dunes were just gorgeous. This time I was able to walk on the beach and I must say it was an interesting experience. It was pretty cool to walk on the sand but it seems like he was made a pure shell. I am sure I have been on a beach before with sand that course but it felt like it was the first time. We looked at the water and admired our surroundings and headed to downtown. It really is a beautiful park but I am not sure how many more times I will visit there again. I am just not really the type that spends the whole day basking in the sun!