October 15, 2016

At 7 am on a Saturday morning I picked up my friend and we headed west. Our first stop of the day, Fort Cooper, took less than two hours to get to and the time just flew by. I will admit the car ride does go by a bit quicker when I have company. There was a short drive to the walkway leading to the fort and the beautiful picnic area by the lake was the highlight.

As we hiked towards the fort, we spotted some logs lumped up together that I jokingly referred to as the fort. Thankfully she found the sign at the fork in the road and read it because on the map we discovered those logs were indeed the fort. We did stand there in shock for moments and took a closer look to see how they once constructed an actual fort. After snapping off a few pictures we headed back to the car. For the rest of the day we thought it would be a good idea to read ahead to see if we may find clues on what we would encounter next.