October 2, 2016

We headed to Anastasia State Park to meet up with Brian. Upon entering the park there is an old Spanish Quarry so we had to take a look. It was interesting but not too exciting. At the ranger station we were informed that Casey would not be allowed on the beach but we were not informed that the whole park was actually the beach. We took a walk by the sand dunes that Brian refused to roll down, looked at the water from the boardwalk, and then we headed to Fort Mose State Park. Anastasia is going to have to be seen again without Casey coming along.

When we arrived at the Fort we decided to walk the boardwalk first. At the end of the boardwalk was the fort, two of them actually. We didn’t see them because according to the plaques they were now under water. We soaked in the moment, took some pictures, chased some birds, and headed to the welcome center. There we took a small break in the A/C and regrouped to decide where we were going to watch some football! That turned out to be an adventure in itself!