September 1, 2018
Andrew and I were on a mission to explore as many gardens and cool nature parks as we could before he took off on his bicycle ride across the country. He had such a great time at the boneyard beach at Big Talbot that I thought it would be fun to show him Jekyll Island’s. We made our way up the coast and stopped at some cool places along the way. I knew that Andrew would appreciate Washington Oaks Gardens so that was the first stop we made. The GSP took us a different way than the first time I went so I got some different scenery. Honestly, I like the first way much better. Thankfully that was the rode we took north!
It was fun to watch him soak up the park and do all of the poses I had done on my visit with Brian. The Sound of Music reference was lost on him too! The gardens were not under construction anymore so it was cool to see how everything looked put together! I really do have a fun time with my boy, it’s fun that he loves nature like I do! Our interest in it is very different but the love is the same. After our visit we went to a few more gardens before meeting up with Uncle Barry and going to another boneyard!