May 17, 2020
Quin and I went to St. Augustine to go to an herb shop I heard about that had unique herbs I needed for a gardening project I was doing. We decided it would be fun to visit downtown and then we figured we should stay the night. We had such an awesome day! I was able to move my garden to 2 pm Sunday afternoon so we got up early and took the scenic route home. I realized we were on the same road I was on when I found out about Dunns Creek. I was telling Quin the story about Casey as we approached the entrance. I told him the trip was somewhat unfulfilled for me and he asked if I wanted to stop. Not sure how long it would take us to hike to Blue Pond and back, I declined the generous offer. 
We drove past the entrance and about a quarter mile later there was another sign for another entrance to the park. This time Quin didn’t ask and made a U turn and headed to the new entrance. We took a beautiful drive through the pines and then ended up at the water. I don’t think it was Blue Pond, I believe it could have been Dunns Creek but that is a complete guess. People were fishing and a family was settling in to have a nice picnic but we needed to head home so I could get to work. I am so happy we stopped there so I could see a new part of the park. Quin asked me why I didn’t just drive to the water like we did and I told him I had no idea there was another entrance. I never drove any further in that direction when I originally went to the park. I didn’t learn the lesson of multiple entrances to the parks until I was well into my journey. Although it was a nice detour, the fact still remains, I have yet to see Blue Pond.