February 13, 2021

Quin started putting his boat at Hontoon Landing which worked out great for us because we could just hop on the boat anytime, without hassle. My work schedule was picking up so we usually only had time to take the boat out for sunset cruises which were wonderful. Sometimes we would get lucky and have a whole afternoon to putter around in the water, admiring all of the amazing wildlife on the St. Johns River. On one of our boating adventures we went to Blue Spring to see if there were any manatee and to just roam around the park for a little while. We arrived close to sundown but the day was warm and so was the water so we didn’t have any luck spotting manatee. We did, however, see two rattlesnakes in, well, let’s call it courtship.

We followed the boardwalk to the end where the entry to the cave was. I have seen this many times now and it is still so pretty to me. I am just amazed at how clear the water is. It was on this visit that a wave a familiarity hit me. I felt like I had been at the entrance of that cave before as a child swimming in the spring. On our walk back to the boat we had the park to ourselves. It was a perfect time of day to stop in and see the park.