September 16, 2016

When Brian told me he was going away for the weekend, I asked if I could tag along. I thought that no matter where we went there would be a state park nearby! On our way down to Ft. Myers Beach, we stopped at Lake Kissimmee State Park. It was a pretty cool park; nice and quiet. There was a cow camp which I found to be pretty interesting. From October to March they actually have people out there demonstrating how the Florida Crackers used to maintain the cows in 1876. We just missed it by about a couple of weeks but it was still a really cool sight to see.

We got back into the car and followed the road to the Observation Tower. I am not going to lie, I was happy to see there was a paved way to the tower and it was within eyesight! There was an amazing picnic area with so many of the coolest oak trees I have ever seen. Brian put Casey in a tree for me but she was too scared to stand there alone. The root systems on most of the trees were vast and just a tangled, beautiful mess! When we got to the tower and started climbing, I found each level had a unique and breath-taking view of Lake Kissimmee. I am so happy we took this little detour during my invasion of Brian’s weekend escape!  I put my state parking obsession aside for the rest of the weekend and just enjoyed the events as they happened!