February 4 & 5, 2017

After a great day of State Parking, Andrew and I arrived at the Suwannee River State Park and assessed our campsite. Once Andrew got over being appalled at all of the RVs, we got to work setting up camp. The tent I got from my friend Adam was huge so Andrew decided he would stay in there with me. The rain guard was missing so we pretty much slept outside with a net over top of us to keep the bugs and animals out. It worked out great because there was no rain, just the chilly air.

We bought a bag of firewood from the rangers station and again Andrew could not believe what was going on. He knew that bag would not last that long but I figured it was fine because we were going to go to sleep early. We had another big day ahead of us!

The following day we slept in until 7 am (at least I got up at that time). After I got myself ready for the day I started packing up camp and then finally woke up my turtle of a son! He got ready and we finished packing up the car. Finally my boy was starting to perk up so we walked to the river and hiked all of the trails around it. One of the trails was a 3 mile trail but it had a shortcut that we took advantage of but it still counted!

We weaved in and out of the forest, around sinkholes and springs, walking along the Suwanee River. We read the plaques and learned some interesting tidbits of history. We did one last hike on the way out that took us through a pinewood forest and past a very old cemetery. The morning was cool and foggy and it was as if we were on the set of a horror film. It was brilliant. The trail ended and so did our visit. We hopped in the car and headed North!