November 17, 2016

My intention was to camp at John Pennekamp State Park but it was full so I had to stay elsewhere and just visit the park. I woke up early and ready for a new day of exploration. I hiked the 3 small nature trails that were there and meandered by the water for a bit and decided not to take the glass bottom boat tour to see the coral reef. I will be coming back down for other parks and plan on coming back to do the tour & spend time in the aquarium. Unlike most people, those are the two ways I prefer to view sea life!

Dagny Johnson Botanical Garden was on my list for Friday but I was only a few miles from it so I just had to go and check it out. It started with a spooky walk through the woods and then opened up into this beautiful scene by the water. It was so peaceful and serene, like an oasis nestled in the woods. I took the mile loop around because the other part was being worked on for future viewing. I sure did enjoy every step of that mile and soaked in the breathtaking and unique scenes of mother nature.

Heading to Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park, I was expecting to find a place in water but it was the opposite. The nice looking ranger handed me a guide and I went on my way, touring all over the quarry, learning about all of the events that use to took place there. This was such an important place in history. The limestone there was used to build the railroad and later used to make Keystone. It was super cool walking around and reading about that piece of history.